Online software for Root Cause Analysis
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Online software for Root Cause Analysis

raadix.com helps you to investigate, document and analyse incidents, complaints and quality problems using Root Cause Analysis or comparable methods. raadix.com runs in a modern web browser on desktop, laptop, iPad and smartphone.

The online software is very user friendly. It is very easy and intuitive to create a cause tree and/or time line. The analysis can be exported to Excel. The cause tree and timeline can be exported as a picture file (.png).

Raadix online software


  • Define the incident (including customizable risk matrix).
  • Set short term measures.
  • Store your notes, photo's, video's and/or documents.
  • Create a visual timeline. (Action, Condition, Failed Barrier)
  • Use the causes from the timeline to create a cause tree or fact tree (AND/OR gates).
  • Indication of cause status with sources and evidence
  • Classification of Root Causes
  • Set measures and assurance with follow-up dates.
  • Import your Raadix for Windows files.
  • Export your data to Excel.
  • Save timeline and cause tree as an image (PNG).

Personal workarea

Standard each user has a personal work area. No one has access to the personal work area of another user.

Collaboration group

In a collaboration group, the members of the group can share their incidents. The members can collaborate remotely (video calling). Members who simultaneously look at a timeline or cause tree see in real time what others add or change. Only pre defined group members have access to the collaboration group (for example: a committee, a department or a location). One collaboration group is included in the subscription from two users or more.

Tutorial slideshow

Get a quick impression of raadix.com.

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raadix.com is sold as a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription means you pay per month and you can cancel a month in advance.

A monthly subscription for a single user is €30,- per month (excluding VAT). With more users, the price per user goes down.

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You do not enter into a service agreement with Hadrion by subscribing to the software. You'll subscribe to the software as is. However, if you have any questions or problems, we'll try to help you to the best of our ability..

Supported languages

Supported languages: Czech, Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Ukrainian.

System requirements

raadix.com runs only in a modern browser like: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari. It does not run in Internet Explorer.


raadix.com is built on Google Cloud Services. This tried and tested cloud infrastructure offers state of the art security for the data and the data centers. All data is encrypted and stored inside the EU (currently in the western part of Germany).